How To Photoshop Someone Into A Picture – 5 Easy Steps?

Modernization has made technical expertise a must for people who wish to shine out bright among the crowd. Social media, digital marketing are an integral part of today’s world, where exclusive content is shown in the form of “photos” and “videos”. Must you have heard the term “photoshop”, right? Before you learn “how to photoshop someone into a picture”, you must know the true meaning of Photoshopping and its functions. 

Additionally, you must have queries such as whether you can do photoshop with your mobile phone. Well, stay tuned because we will solve all your doubts and queries that you have regarding photoshopping. 

What Is Photoshop?

In simple words, photoshop is a way to edit and enhance a picture with graphic effects. Photoshop is a “tool”, a special software through which one can edit pictures with ease. This “photo editing and raster graphic design software” lets people manipulate the original form of an image and make massive changes in it with graphics and perform various kinds of digital art. 

You need to know that Adobe has developed photoshop software both for Windows and MAC users. If you know photoshop, you can be the coolest in your group by showing off your technical skills to everyone. From cutting out a background perfectly to cutting out an object, you can learn everything you want here. 

Now that you are familiar with the word photoshop, let us take you to a complete guide that will help you find “how to photoshop someone into a picture for free”

How To Photoshop Someone Into A Picture? 

When you open Photoshop for the first time, it is easy to be confused and after just tweaking with some of the features, hire a professional to get the job done for you.

Well, you know these steps; you won’t be needing any professionals to help you out. However, if you are a beginner and just need some basic design, you can do it yourself following the steps we have enumerated below.

Step 1: Selection Of The Pictures For Photoshop

  • First, you will have to download the photoshop software on your mobile or laptop.
  • Selection of the pictures is the first major step that one needs to undergo. You must learn how to select a perfect image for your photoshop. 
  • While selecting two images with which you would do the photoshop, you need to take into account. The first one is “matching perspective” and “angles”. This is to make sure that the pictures you want to use in your photoshopping are well coordinated. 
  • The next step is “mimicking”. Basically, you have to “mimic” the resolution and the lighting condition of the original picture that you want to change. This is because you would want to make sure the composition of a photoshopped image is perfect. 

Step 2: Creating A Perfect Background

  • A perfect background is what you need when you are looking for answers on how to photoshop someone into a picture. Firstly, we would like to mention here that you must consider a sharp edge for your subject. 

(Note: In case the background of your chosen subject is clear and simple such as solid or plain colors, then we suggest you use the Magic Eraser Tool for a really easy editing option. Erasing a plain white background is very simple as it disappears in just one click)

  • To run the Eraser Tool, you have to enter the Photoshop app and hold the “Shift+E” buttons until the “magic eraser” appears. 
  • When it does, you can erase the unwanted parts of the background of your picture.

(Note: we suggest you backup your original images to get rid of any unwanted file corruption while photoshopping)

Step 3: Try Using A Pen Tool 

To cut out the object in photoshop, you need to use the pen tool. 

  • Quickly select the pen tool in the toolbar, or you can use the shortcut option by pressing “P.”
  • Now you need to make the first point in your path. Just click on “Canvas.”
  • You have to keep clicking around the body of your image until you successfully connect the first point of your image to the last. 

(Note: You can skip worrying about the head and hair for now)

  •  Drag the mouse to draw curves which you can add to the anchor points when needed

Step 4: Fix The Rough Edges

  • Here, you need to consider your hair as it is a “rough edge.”
  • Go for the “ Quick Selection Tool” and select the rough areas in your image (head and hair).
  • Look for the “Select and Mask button” and hit on that to smoothen the area.

(Note: You may find the button on the taskbar)

  • Make sure your image suits the background.
  • Next, select the particular section and hit the “mask” option available in the “layers tab” (reversing the selection can also be of help).
  • We suggest you use the pen tool to perform the tool tasks in each layer separately. 

Step 5: Enter The Person In The Image

  • After you are done cutting the object and refining the section, find a suitable place in the picture where you can actually put the person. 
  • Copy the cut and refined object and paste it into the other picture.
  • You can resize and rotate your image with the transformation tool.
  • Adjust the lighting by clicking on the “adjustment layer button.” 

There you go! You are all set to impress your circle with your photoshopping skills. We encourage you to try this until you reach the level of perfection.

Final Thoughts

There is just no end to what you can do with photoshop. Once you learn more about Photoshop, you would want to learn more about how to photoshop someone into a picture. The more you learn the art of Photoshop, the more there is to learn. The learning curve never drops. We have talked about a few simple steps to draw a map to leave your starting line behind. From here on, you will just grow.

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